The importance of testimonials for your corporate video

Corporate videos are taking on a very important role in the marketing strategy and communication strategy of brands. Audiovisual content is gaining a lot of weight and prestige for any company. We have heard all our lives phrases like A picture is worth a thousand words’. Well, imagine if we have a multitude of well-kept images in the form of a corporate video with voice over and/or audios that accompany them…. Having a corporate video will speak very well of our company at the image level and will put it on the map of our sector while differentiating us from the competition.


Within the variety and types of video we can produce, there is the corporate video based on testimonials. The work consists of having clients and workers or employees of the company that express their opinion in a subjective way, with total sincerity and transparency. It’s about us seeing a real opinion, of a real person. A real person who can identify with any individual who is viewing the video. An ordinary person who sees the discourse as a “one on one” and who empathizes with them.

The testimonials in any video or advertising piece give us that touch of closeness and humanity that other pieces do not have. In addition, they show a human side of the company or entity through peer-to-peer opinions and personalize the message. A message that not only consists of a sentence but is accompanied by a look, a smile, an expression. Something so simple and natural that, precisely for this reason, we value it and believe it.

Depending on the message you wish to convey, we have seen cases where the testimonials focus on the clients and other cases where we can also see the opinions of the workers behind the team. In both cases, our image gains credibility and contributes a human factor to our company.  

In the first case, we can find the case of satisfied customers with the company or brand. Who better than they can talk about their satisfaction and recommend us? Many studies show that a very high percentage of consumers would rely entirely on the opinion or recommendation of a family member, friend or the like. We become more and more demanding and more incredulous with advertising. Therefore, the suggestions and experiences of someone with whom we can identify, wins the battle at hand to any ad with great special effects. Whether someone has tried the product or is satisfied with your service is something very powerful that we cannot ignore. Companies and brands that are responsible and committed to customer satisfaction listen to their opinions. And if these are good, why not share them in public for others to hear as well?

customer smile

On the other hand, we have also seen some cases of corporate videos and advertisements with testimonials from company employees. This shows us that the company is not an anonymous and cold entity but that there are real people behind the brand who are doing everything they can to meet our needs. A team that takes care of every detail and does things with care to offer you the service you deserve.

As we can see, in this way corporate videos with testimonials enhance the credibility of the company and makes it much closer to its target audience.